Damielou Shavelle

G'day I'm Damie!
I'm that psycho purple haired chick who makes videos on youtube.
i think i'm funny, i love to sing, play games and eat food
anything else?

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P.O. BOX 1091
Management/Business: contact@damielou.com

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Working on this bad boy hopefully it’ll be out tomorrow night ft. @HIMMIKEY thanks for the suggestion mate :)

#psychoz FB NUMBER game!!! You guys are hilarious and I love you for it! Let’s try and get to 20! #BELIEVE #wecandoit

I made this stud earring holder out of a piece of styrofoam and a old singlet I wasn’t using! Now it won’t take me forever to look for the other pair at the bottom of my old jewellery holder! Which are your favourite pair out of my little collection? I really like the silver owl ones at the top corner and the flowers next to it. :)
Whaddup gangstaaaaa!!!!
Hey boys! ;)
I didn’t Instagram my new profile picture for all my stuff on the internets so I’m doing it now at 4am lol 🍰